Julian Martin

I originally studied acting, dance, and vocal performance. For two decades, I graced the stages of musical theatre. However, it was a transformative moment that led me to uncover a new calling – the art of massage and bodywork, incorporating male* sexuality.


Now rooted in Zurich, I passionately share my skills and knowledge by organizing and guiding courses, weekend workshops, and retreats tailored for individuals within the queer-male spectrum. My teachings transcend mere physical techniques, delving into profound themes such as breath, voice, movement, and the power of touch. Central to my philosophy is fostering self-acceptance, navigating through the complexities of shame, and empowering individuals to embrace and articulate their needs.


I firmly believe that this journey of self-discovery is pivotal in unlocking a liberated and creatively fulfilling life, particularly in matters of intimacy and sexuality.


With MEN BODYWORK (Sessions & Workshops) and NAKED MEN (Festivals, Events & Retreats) I offer a concept for men* who are looking for a balance to everyday life, who want to dive into the lustful liveliness of their own body and expand their erotic and sexual potential. 


In the last 15 years I have learned, explored and developed different methods of bodywork and massage in numerous courses, workshops and trainings and use many of them for my EROS TOUCH RITUAL.


My short movie about the ritual was recorded and published in 2020 and since then screened at more than 20 festivals worldwide and won eight awards, which motivates me to introduce the ritual to others around the world by offering classes, workshops and events.