Julian Martin

My path to bodywork began already in the 90s during my training as an actor, dancer and singer. This training and work already included an intensive examination of body, movement, breath and voice.  


At the end of the 00's, when I started to build up a second mainstay as a masseur & bodyworker in addition to my stage work, I did not yet realize that this activity would change my life and eventually become my vocation.  


With MEN BODYWORK I offer a concept for men* who are looking for a balance to everyday life, who want to dive into the lustful liveliness of their own body and expand their erotic and sexual potential. 


In the last 14 years I have learned different methods of bodywork and massage in numerous courses, workshops and trainings and used many of them for my EROS TOUCH RITUAL, which I therefore call my personal "best of" all these methods.


My short film about the ritual was screened at more than 20 festivals worldwide and won eight awards, which motivates me to introduce the ritual to others around the world by offering classes, workshops and events. Video tutorials are also being planned.